Haiti On Demand – Cuisine: Although Haitian cuisine is largely based on Creole and French cooking styles, throughout its history several foreign countries gained control of Haiti, introducing food and ideas from their native lands. … In general, the average Haitian diet is largely based on starch staples such as rice, corn, millet, yams and beans.

List of Haitian dishes, sides and others

  1. Bouillon
  2. Brochette
  3. Cassave or Kasav (flatbread made out of dried, processed bitter cassava, sometimes flavored with sweetened coconut.
  4. Chocolat des Cayes or Chokola La Kaye (homemade cocoa)
  5. Doukounou (sweet cornmeal pudding)
  6. Du riz blanche a sause pois noir or Diri blan ak sos pwa nwa (White rice and black bean sauce)
  7. Du riz djon djon or Diri ak djon djon (Rice in black mushroom sauce)
  8. Du riz a légume or Diri ak legim (Rice with Legumes)
  9. Du riz a pois or Diri ak pwa (Rice and beans)
  10. Du riz a pois rouges or Diri ak pwa wouj (Rice and red beans)
  11. Du riz a sauce pois or Diri ak sos pwa (Rice with bean sauce)
  12. Griot (seasoned fried pork with scallions and peppers in a bitter orange sauce)
  13. Macaroni au Gratin (macaroni and cheese)
  14. Marinade
  15. Pain Haïtien (Haitian Bread)
  16. Pâté Haïtien (Haitian patty) – A very popular savory snack made with a delicate puff pastry stuffed with ground beef, salted cod (bacalao), smoked herring, chicken, and ground turkey topped with spices for a bold and spicy unique flavor.
  17. Peanut Pralines
  18. Picklese or Pikliz (a slaw-like condiment made with spicy pickled cabbage, onion, carrot, and Scotch bonnet peppers)
  19. Salade de Betteraves (Beet salad)
  20. Sauce Ti-Malice or Sos Ti-Malice (a spicy tangy sauce usually served over Griot or Cabrit)
  21. Soup joumou
  22. Tassot et bananes pesées or Taso ak bannann peze (Fried Goat and fried plantains)
  23. Poul an Sòs (Chicken in Creole Sauce)

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